Red Dead Redemption 2 Multiplayer News

Red Dead Redemption 2 Multiplayer News

Red Dead Redemption 2 dominated the tail end of 2018, scooping numerous awards and ending the year as the best-selling physical game in the UK’s final week of trading, having already topped the Christmas chart the week before.

Suffice to say, that eight years in the making, the game did not disappoint, critically and commercially.

But the next big step for Rockstar is turning Red Dead Online into the sort of long-running powerhouse that made GTA 5 so famous.

It’s no easy feat, but we do know that Rockstar Games is in no way finished with their online portion of Red Dead Redemption 2.

There are certainly some big new updates being planned for the Red Dead Redemption 2 online beta and it’ll be interesting to see how Rockstar Games approaches these updates throughout 2019.

Putting aside the numerous leaks we’ve seen and hints at map expansions the developers have already pretty much confirmed that they would be releasing some new updates in early 2019.

For anyone who needs reminding, we’ve already seen quite a few leaks and hints at various updates coming the game. This is everything from map expansions to new modes and much more.

But it’s worth noting that this isn’t pie in the sky thinking, the developers have already confirmed that they would be releasing some new updates in early 2019.

This was revealed during the games December 1.05 Title Update, with the team telling fans:

Upcoming Updates to the Red Dead Online Beta: We have been poring through incoming community input and suggestions and are working on updates for early 2019 to address many popular bits of feedback including some new anti-griefing measures in the works and other updates to improve gameplay balance. We are also working on lots of new features, modes and additional Red Dead Online gameplay content updates that we are very excited to share more about in the new year.

Now, admittedly, early 2019 doesn’t necessarily mean January. But, with the obligatory first week of the year out the way and most teams heading back to work from Monday, we can at least start assume they’ll start preparing these updates for the game.

Keep reading and you can recap some of the big new features we’re expecting to see soon.

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As mentioned by the above details found via a Rockstar Newswire post, the team are working on new online multiplayer content.

Although it’s impossible to say for Properties what these new modes and features could be, there is one leak from earlier this week which could give us a clue as to whats coming down the line.

It’s possible, for instance, that the game will look to add a new mode called Gun Rush, after one Redditor claimed to find the new mode in the menu.

“I was about to quick join a showdown series but for a split second there were 2 more options,” reads donajello1’s post. “I clipped it and this is what was there. Probably a new game mode coming with the update this week?”

The suggestion is that this could be similar to GTA Online’s Kill Quota mode, which is described by Rockstar as such:

“Starting off with a high-powered weapon from one of four distinct loadout options, each team must hit the designated body count before advancing to a more challenging and less powerful armament, culminating with a final, one-hit-kill melee round.”

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